Shambolic mismatch as Tyson Fury returns to the ring


The controversial British former World Heavyweight champion Tyson Fury has returned to the ring in a mismatch of a bout, beating the far smaller and lighter Albanian Sefer Seferi in Manchester.

“The opponent was quite short and and was light, which meant he was quick. He didn’t come to fight basically. He came to run around the ring and enjoy himself basically.

If I’m really honest I could have knocked him out in ten seconds, really. I could have done him in the first round.

That’s being honest. But what would that have done me? I got four rounds instead of thirty seconds basically”, he said.

Now the focus is on who among the many contenders will fight Fury next? He doesn’t seem to care.

“Whoever they pick, they pick, it doesn’t really matter to me, they’re all the same, really, the outcome will always be the same, I’ll always win, ‘coz all I do is win, win, win no matter what! And that’s it! They’re all bums, Anthony Joshua, Deontay Wilder, Joseph Parker, they’re all shit. I’ll have a world heavyweight title before the end of the year, for sure,” he bragged.

He is due to fight again in August in Belfast, against an as-yet-unnamed opponent.

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