AB De Villiers Proposed His Wife At Taj Mahal And Hid Love Letters On The Roof Of His House


AB de Villiers made an announcement on his Twitter handle that he has decided to retire from all forms of international cricket with immediate effect and said, “It is time for others to take over. I’ve had my turn and to be honest, I am tired.”

Well, this is the saddest news to all his fans as they love to watch him on the ground. He created magic on the field as well as his too romantic by heart.

Do you know how and where AB de Villiers proposed to his wife Danielle? Superstar on the cricket got stumped in the match of his life and he decided to something by heart at the moments know for love “Taj Mahal ” and proposed to his wife, Danielle, at the Taj Mahal.

Villiers and Danielle first met at the foot of the Waterberg Mountains through their family. Well, it was the first look of Danielle that made him fall for her and he said, ‘It was the eyes, the beautiful eyes. The long hair was striking, but it was the eyes that instantly caught my attention. I said hello, she said hello and, amid the family greeting, that was that’, said De Villiers.

He describes, “It was during the IPL that De Villiers elaborately planned a pleasant surprise for Danielle. He chose Taj Mahal as the venue for the all-important question, ‘the ideal place to get engaged.”

“I have a few memories of writing from back in the day when I was growing up and in school. I was a bit of a romantic and the minute I could start writing, I wrote a letter to every girl that I liked in school,” AB De Villiers said.

“But I was always too scared to give it to her. So I ended up climbing onto the roof of our house and hiding the letter up there. There ended up being about 27-30 letters hidden on the roof of my house at the end of my school career. All of them I was too scared to (to send) the girls I like, all of them unread,” he continued.

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