Mahinder Pal Singh the first Sikh cricketer in Pakistan wants to play for the national team


Pakistan has a minority population of Hindus, Christians and Sikhs among others. Being part of such a small group it is tougher for those cricketers to rise through the ranks as far as professional cricket is concerned. But defying odds a Sikh cricketer created history by making his way into the National Cricket Academy (NCA). He was picked as an emerging player.

Right-arm fast bowler by trade Mahinder Pal Singh is currently putting in the effort to hone his skills at the first-class level. His ultimate aim is to wear the green jersey and represent the Pakistan national team at the highest level. He hails from Khyber Agency and was picked as the emerging cricketer back in 2016.

“I am the first Sikh cricketer from Pakistan to reach the National Cricket Academy [NCA] and get selected [for the emerging players],” said Singh, quoted BBC Urdu.

He has earned the status to practice and train at the NCA. He can use the facility and take help of the coaches. This means a lot to Mahinder who expressed his joy on the occasion.

“Being a Sikh I am the only player who is favored to practice at the NCA. I am the only club payer or Grade II cricketer in history to practice at NCA. I can come to the Academy for training whenever I wish to and practice under the guidance of NCA coaches,” said Singh.

The 23-year-old believes that being from the minority Sikh community in now way hampers his chances of advancing as a cricketer. For now he wants to focus on his first-class career perform there and then advance further to accomplish his dream of being a part of the Men in Green.

“I believe that nobody will stop me in my progress for being a Sikh,” said Singh.

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