Iran coach blasts Nike over 2018 FIFA World Cup boots


Iranian players will have to wear another brand even as 60 per cent of the players in the 32-team FIFA World Cup this year will be wearing Nike boots.

Iran national football team’s head coach Carlos Queiroz has called on FIFA to intervene after US sportswear giant Nike said it would not provide shoes to Iranian players in the World Cup in line with American sanctions, media reports said.

“Players get used to their sports equipment, and it’s not right to change them a week before such important matches,” Press TV quoted Queiroz as saying.

“We call on FIFA to come to our help in this issue,” he said.

“It has been a source of inspiration for us,” Queiroz told Sky Sports. “This last comment of Nike was, in my personal view, an unnecessary statement. Everybody is aware about the sanctions.

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