Around 800 people work hard to bring one IPL game that costs 2 crores


The Indian Premier League is sometimes known as the Indian ‘Paisa’ League. The amount involved in this franchise based T20 tournament is humungous. There is more to IPL than just cricket. The off-field drama and entertainment during the IPL including some exciting matches on the field making the tournament one of the biggest tournament in the history of cricket. The Indian Premier League is celebrated as a festival in India. Millions around the world come together to support their favourite players and franchises.

The brand value of the IPL has soared to astronomical numbers over the years. Star India surprised the world by acquiring the IPL Media Rights for ₹16,347.5 crore for a period of just five years. That roughly averages ₹51 crore per match at the rate of 64 games per season. The 21st Century Fox-owned network has been setting new standards with its IPL broadcasting strategy.

Superficial growth
The IPL production for each match involves 700-800 people and costs the broadcaster up to ₹2 crore. “The production cost of a match in IPL ranges from Rs 60 lakh to Rs 2 crore depending on the match. 700-800 people together are working hard towards the production of IPL 2018 including the regional feeds.” Star India spokesperson was quoted as saying by Star India seems to have left no stones unturned in making the tournament a huge success.

Broadcasters have used numerous cameras, drones and satellite up-linking vans for the telecast of matches through various angles and in several languages. The Star Sports Select Dugout provides fans with a richer analytical experience and a deeper understanding of the game. IPL 2018 has certainly brought the fans closer to the game.

Due to the high demand for Marathi and Malayalam feeds, Star will broadcast the Grand Finale in two additional regional languages. The aim is to make the broadcast of the finals available to the widest possible audience. The finals are set to be a landmark event as 17 channels will be airing the event in eight different languages.

Cricket has certainly evolved over the years. The growth of technology has further enhanced viewership experience among the fans. It is certainly the golden period for cricket fans as they are witnessing some exciting cricket in various forms.

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