Moin Khan opposes PM’s vision to end departmental cricket too

Former Captain of Pakistan cricket team Moin Khan has said that ending departmental cricket will be of no avail.
Talking to media men during a conference Moin Khan said different departments have played their role as nursery in Pakistani cricket from where best potential players came on the surface.
Departmental cricket should not be suspended and instead new recommendations should be made to improve domestic cricket infrastructure.
He said several young players will be unemployed after ending departmental cricket.
It is vital to mention here that Prime Minister Imran Khan had expressed his desire some time before to end departmental cricket and PCB has also prepared its recommendations for domestic season comprising 6 first class teams after which HBL had announced to disband its team.
Former Captain of Pakistan cricket team Javed Miandad had also opposed PM’s this decision of ending departmental cricket.

He had said that Imran Khan had been playing county cricket in England to earn money and now he is making the future of Pakistani cricketers bleak.

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