IPL 2018: Playoffs and final to start at 7 pm


In a decision to keep fans tuned into Indian Premier League (IPL) 2018 matches, the governing council has decided to pre-pone the timing of playoffs and final. The matches will begin at 7 pm as opposed to 8 pm, after many games in the group stages have ended past 12 am mark, due to slow over rates. IPL Chairman, Rajeev Shukla said this decision has been taken keeping in mind the general public.

According to CricketNext, Shukla said: “The IPL is what it is because of its fans and the tournament has over the years been followed avidly both on the ground and on television at homes. So, keeping the interest of the fans in mind, it was decided that the play-off games and the final will start an hour earlier. So, instead of the 8pm start, the games will start at 7pm.”

He further adds, “It gets difficult not only for those at the stadium, but also for those watching on television as students and office-goers also need to get back to their respective stuff next morning and it helps if the game starts an hour earlier.”

Eden Gardens at Kolkata will host two playoff matches on May 23 (Eliminator) and 25 (Qualifier 2).

Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai will play host to Qualifier 1 and final on May 22 and 27.

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